ASRock X299 Motherboards

EK Release Monoblock for ASRock X299 Motherboards

With regards to illuminating your apparatus, organizations are leaving no stone untouched. Indeed, even water squares wear RGB lighting, and that incorporates the most up to date cluster from EK composed particularly for certain ASRock X299 Motherboards —which we may include makes the setup looks genuine smooth.

ASRock X299 Motherboards

These new monoblocks depend on EK’s Supremacy outline. They introduce onto attachment LGA 2066 motherboards for Intel’s Core X arrangement processors, and particularly are perfect with the accompanying mobos:

  • ASRock X299 OC Formula
  • ASRock X299 Taichi
  • ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9
  • ASRock X299 Killer SLI/air conditioning
  • ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Gaming K6

The new monoblocks offer direct cooling for the CPU and power control (MOSFET) module. It’s outlined so fluid streams over all the basic zones, which thusly can help with overclocking and steadiness at higher frequencies. They likewise have an upgraded chilly plate to guarantee better mechanical contact with the incorporated warmth spreader (IHS) on Core X arrangement CPUs.

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Likewise with other EK-Supremacy coolers, the ones intended for ASRock X299 Motherboards have a nickel-plated electrolytic copper base and best produced using an acrylic glass material. As per EK, the high-stream configuration makes them similarly reasonable for execution cooling setups and those with weaker or quiet pumps.

For the lighting impacts, there is a 4-stick RGB LED strip that interfaces with the motherboards 4-stick LED header, or to some other 4-stick LED controller. The strip can be expelled to modify the link introduction, or to swap it out with a custom arrangement.

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