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The file daily_team_summary.txt holds the full list of teams participating in Folding@Home.

It is updated every 3 hours.
It used to be once evey 6 hours, see:
Folding-community: Vijay Pande in "daily_*_summary.txt files empty or corrupted"


The file contains the team ID, team name, total score and number of completed work units.

How the file is structured can be seen below, where the first 10 lines of the file are shown.

Tue Aug 30 12:00:00 PDT 2005
team    teamname        score   wu
0       Default (includes all those WU returned without valid team number)      435567935       7732901
446     Google  359611292       4925020
24      Overclockers Australia  172340356       2926405
33      [H]ardOCP       170878589       3109006
32      www.overclockers.com    133801031       2442792
51      Alliance Francophone    97147909        1386740
3074    2CPU.com Folding@Home   80428231        998060
64      Team Rage3D     77611925        1130791

Line 1 has the timestamp on which the file was generated.
Line 2 has a tab separated list of key names for the values on line 3 and below.
Line 3 and line 4 have a tab separated list of values for the names on line 2, both of the teams listed there are Aggregate Teams.
Line 5 until the end of the file has a tab separated list of values for the names on line 2, one line for each normal team.


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