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Google Search

The search box with the "Google Search" button uses the Google search engine to search inside this Wiki only. You will have results from this Wiki only and not from the web.

Internal Wiki DB full text search

The search box with two buttons "Go" and "Search" uses the MySql database full text engine to search. Go attempts to find a single page with a name matching the keywords you typed. Search attempts to find all pages containing the keywords you typed.

Multi Search

There is a link in the navigation box called Multi Search pointing to a page built on the Google Custom Search Engine. It will search these 3 sites: the Wiki, the Forum and the Stanford Site.

OpenSearch Plugin for FaHWiki

shello of Portugal@Folding created an OpenSearch Plugin, e.g. for use in the Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 webbrowsers, to search the FAH Wiki.

The plugin was announced on the FAH Wiki Mailinglist on March 17th 2007.

It can be downloaded from: http://www.portugalfolding.org/fahwiki_os/

Browse Articles by Name

You can also browse articles by name.


LQ Wiki

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