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iOS 11.1.1 Released to Fix Autocorrect Bug

Considering Apple’s inclination for giving its gadgets names like iPhone, iOS, iPad and iMovie, you’d figure the letter “I” would be untouched for Apple: a remark unadulterated; to ensure no matter what. However, no, a great many iPhone clients as of late got themselves tormented with an interesting bug that supplanted most independent employments of the lowercase “I” iOS 11 with a pound sign and a case with a question mark.

Today, luckily, the franticness closes with the iOS 11 fix, which “Fixes an issue with the console auto-adjust.” The fix additionally settles an issue in which a few clients (myself included) couldn’t initiate the Siri voice right hand by getting out “Hello, Siri.” Luckily, it’s not an immense fix, so you should jump on that if it’s been giving you some inconvenience. Here’s all that you have to think about iOS 11



Already iPhone clients had figured out how to kinda, sorta settle the bug utilizing a content substitution charge under the Keyboard segment of General settings. All you needed to do was set it so all independent instances of “I” – i.e., when you’re alluding to yourself – consequently changed over to a capital I. More often than not it worked, however some of the time it didn’t. Without a doubt, you could have quite recently settled it by utilizing the Shift key to underwrite it inevitably, however where’s the accommodation in that?

There was no recognizable justifiable purpose to the bug. Some of the time I found the mistake would appear on distributed Facebook posts, yet wouldn’t enroll when I endeavored to settle it by altering the post. Whatever. For the time being, in any event, our short individual bad dream is finished.

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I for one obviously utilize “Hello, Siri” more than many individuals, or if nothing else it appears that route since I hadn’t perused about any other person having the issue until the point that I saw the present fix notes. I can affirm that this bug was similarly irritating, and I felt just as I’d lost a companion. (I live alone out amidst no place, so cut me some slack here.) Having downloaded the fix, I can affirm that it seems to have fathomed the two issues.

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